Italian Beef Family Pack




3 LB of thinly Sliced Beef
1 Half Gallon (64oz) Italian Style Gravy
4 Twelve Inch Gonnella French bread loaves
1 Pint of Bari Hot Giardiniera

We perfectly season and slow roast our Italian Beef, cool it over night, then slice it paper thin. We harvest all the natural drippings from the roast, then combine it with our signature spice blend, to create a rich and savory Italian Style Gravy. Gonnella bread is a well known Chicago name, whose product combines a soft interior with a requisite crusty crust. Bari Giardiniera recipe was designed for our flavor profile. This package is our best seller. At less than $5 a sandwich delivered to your door, you get to experience the best Chicago has to offer without the hassle of road construction, or a snowstorm. Enough to make 12 quarter pound sandwiches, this pack will feed a large family, and still have some leftovers.


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