Bari Italian Beef

When you’re hungry for authentic Chicago-style Italian beef, nothing compares to the mouthwatering aroma and robust flavor of a fresh and juicy Bari’s Italian Beef sandwich. 

Only quality cuts of meat are used in Bari’s Chicago-Style Italian Beef.  It’s lean, thinly shaved and slow roasted to perfection. Simmered in garlic, oregano and a special blend of Italian spices, our Italian beef is melt-in-your-mouth tender and delicious.  Not only will you savor the flavor of our thinly sliced roast beef, but you’ll also enjoy the richness of our deliciously prepared and perfectly seasoned Au Jus.  You can enjoy our Italian beef with cheese, hot or mild giardiniera or sautéed sweet bell peppers.

Because it’s so easy to prepare, Italian beef is a perfect dish to serve at home for dinner, a large family gathering or a special celebration.  The familiar aroma of the spices simmering on the stove will welcome guests into your home.  See our preparation tips for helpful hints.  Look for Bari Italian Beef with Au Jus in your grocer’s deli case.